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PHP Function Arguments

In order to use a function effectively, sometimes you need to pass parameters to a function in PHP.
Here is basic example
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
function AplusB($a$b){
$result $a $b 

// usage 
echo AplusB(3,5) ; 

Sometimes a parameter or one of parameters can be optional, lets say we want to use a calculate function it's in general addition but there are times we want
to use subtraction. Here is example:

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
function AandB($a$b,$option ='addition')
 if (
$option 'addition'){
$result $a $b ; [/font][/size]
 }elseif (
$option 'subtraction'){
$result $a $b 

// usage 
echo AandB(3,5) ; 
// usage 

echo AandB(5,3) ; // since $options has a default value in functions parameters, calling $option now is optional and therefore this will not raise an error                    //php. 
 // in php

echo AandB(5,3,'subtraction') ; // it's valid to call AandB() function.

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