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Ecommerce applications written in php

Ecommerce applications written in php
There has been a complete revolution in the online shopping industry due to growth in PHP based open source ecommerce platforms in the last few years. What do you think is the reason for that? Well, these platforms allow to create your online shop even if you do not have any experience in ecommerce development. All you need to do is point, drag, click and your store is just magically ready to be launched.
Here we bring a collection of top ecommerce applications written in php
WooCommerce has to be the most popular ecommerce platform that is written in PHP. It is an extension of WordPress. WooCommerce is amazingly simple to use and that is why it enjoys a 21% global market share. Even a beginner can easily install WooCommerce. It just takes a few minutes to install WooCommerce on a host that supports PHP. Given that is has been used by 380K stores so far, it has a large repository of themes and plugins.
Magento has the reputation of being one the most reliable platforms for ecommerce amongst both enterprises and individuals. This ecommerce system is built over PHP framework which allows you to build scalable online stores easily. There are a lot of extensions available for Magento which helps in simple integration of relevant 3rd party apps with the online shop. However, it is worth noting that Magento was originally created by developers so that they would not have to start from scratch every time. You will need expert level skills in PHP to build an ecommerce stores using this platform. Magento is the 3rd most used ecommerce site builder and enjoys over 10% of market share.
Drupal Commerce is an open source ecommerce solution written in PHP and used by over 5000 sites. Drupal Commerce is very good at tracking orders, payments, invoices and receipts. It also allows integration of different options when it comes to payment and shipping methods. Drupal Content Management System forms the basis for Drupal Commerce. It offers a comprehensive system for administration including the form for checkout. It also has support for multiple currencies. It is also possible to integrate this platform with fulfillment and accounting services along with social networks.
Joomla enjoys almost 6% of market share which is representative of its moderate level of popularity amongst ecommerce developers. In its basic form, it is a content management system which is `mostly used by churches, schools and some ecommerce store owners. It boasts of a flourishing community of designers and developers. Joomla is currently in use by 70,000 ecommerce stores and websites.
Open Cart
Talk about the most popular ecommerce platform built using PHP, and OpenCart is bound to be on the list. It has a very helpful and strong community of professionals. OpenCart presents a very easy to use and manageable user interface for payments (supporting hundreds of gateways) and shipping methods. There are more than 2500 pretty themes to select from if you wish to customize your store. The interface is not only very appealing to the eyes, it is very easy to use as well.
Zencart is another open source platform that is also built using PHP. Zencart is actually an extension of the oscommerce platform from which it was branched out in 2003. It comes with more than sixteen categories and 1800 add ons. Zencart is going really strong with the backing of a community comprising of 150,000 active members who provide support for different languages.

So, this was a compilation of some of the best ecommerce platforms written using PHP which will help you get going with your ecommerce store in a matter of minutes. Whether you are looking for options in shipping or payment gateways, these ecommerce solutions will get you there.

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