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WooCommerce is yet anther free plugin for WordPress. However, it extremely hard to find another plugin with the same kind of potential.
WooCommerce, launched in Sep 2001, now supports a large chunk of the ever growing pie of ecommerce, and has been downloaded over 1.6 million times from all around the world.
This open source platform is an experience that is feature rich yet high on user friendliness, thus making it perfect for startups in the ecommerce space, so they can get a feel for online business without having to spend a lot of money. Let us look at some WooCommerce feature that make it so attractive to the budding online stores.
It is free
There is no dearth of commercial CMSs of high quality that you can get, all of which aim at helping the merchants sell online easily using newer ways. The biggest drawback that they have to deal with, most times, is that they all come at a price. Well, all but WooCommerce.
As now, WooCommerce is completely free to download. Although, I spite of being open source and free, WooCommerce offers some really rich features straight out of the box, while also being very flexible, both by its very nature and with the use of extensions that can be plugged in.
Highly Flexible
One of the biggest benefits of WooCommerce for newcomers to ecommerce is that merchants making use of the platforms are free to exercise a lot of flexibility in their products, without knowing too much about the technical side of things.
They can categorize, provide sale prices, independent attributes, and more. In addition to all this, WooCommerce stores can sell virtual, physical, downloadable and even affiliate products.
Beyond Ecommerce
WooCommerce does not force its users to stretch beyond their comfort zone while building their online store and still readily opens the doors for more than just ecommerce.
For instance, user of WooCommerce can build a fully functional store in a professional website and also have an integrated blog. All these dimensions of the online presence of the business are harnessed in the same place and presented together seamlessly – all because WooCommerce is a WordPress based platform.
Many customization options
Being free has not resulted in WooCommerce being a rigid platform. In fact, there is ample room to customize and tweak your online business to the level of uniqueness you like.
Users can choose from more than 40 themes, many of which are free. Once you have decided on a theme, you can change its pre-set CSS styles and color themes, tweak the code and experiment with the special features offered by the theme.
Professional but Simple
Though WooCommerce is free and a user friendly ecommerce platform, do not get fooled into thinking that is not professional, because it is exactly that.
The platform has customer engagement tools and detailed order tracking which allows the merchants to view and open orders, apply discounts, update delivery status and so on. Inventory management, tax settings, shipping options, coupon codes and almost everything that you need from a professional ecommerce setup is part of WooCommerce, straight out of the box.
WooCommerce is powerful yet easy to use. We urge you to take a good look at this platform if you are looking to launch a new online store.

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